Tuesday, 31 October 2017

HG Kimaris Trooper Custom WIP [Speed Build Edition]

Hello out there!

This is the time stamp for my second speed build this season, a HG Kimaris Trooper. At this point it still doesn't look like much, but I plan to have it all tied up in the next 48 hours or so.
So to start of done some of the basic stuff, I've done away with the rear skirt and the most egregious of seam lines: the entire length of the lance. The lance alone was probably far more time consuming than any part.

Alright, so I've been removing mold lines, scratch building a new rear skirt, gluing a few things here and there, and patching some holes in the reverse of the shield.

Last WIP for the Trooper!
It took a little longer than the Gusion did, but I'm fairly pleased with the results.
So again I've painted and weathered it to match both the Hyakuri and the Gusion.
I'm a little on the fence as to whether I will come back to decal later or not.

Anyway came out to 52 hours or so.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

HG Gusion Rebake Custom WIP [Speed Build Edition]

Hello out there!!

Anywho, at this point it doesn't look like much, but the plan is to have this look like something cooler in the next 72 hours...
So here is my time stamp for the beginning of the build.

Alright 3 hours in!
So far I have stripped off the quad arms rebuilt the gun so that it mounts to the backpack, pla-plated the other half of the backpack and sharpened the v-fin
I'm gonna go sleep, in a bit and I'll be back sometime tomorrow afternoon

And on the second day.
Removed the seam lines on the shoulder, with some parachute hooks.
Added the mount for a sword.

Three hour mark on day two.

But far more importantly I've reached the 24 hour mark.

I've scratch built a shield, some would say he got to the shield factory late.
Its tiny but I was aiming for something like a 3D spike shield that would kind of form fit the arm.

End of day two.
I've got all my parts prepped for paint. I've removed the mold lines, sanded, and just all prepped paint. So I'll get going on paint tomorrow, as of right now I'm thinking I'll paint this to match my Hyakuri.

46.5 hours in.
I've got paint.
Anywho, I don't think that I'm gonna decal this but I'm going to try to weather it similarly to the Hyakuri as well.

Really I was given 72 hours to get this done but I really won't have any time whatsoever this week so its getting done right now.
If anything I need to add a flat coat before I take any proper photos to finish it up properly.

Anyway I've weathered this very lightly, and I quite like how it came out.

End time stamp photo: