Thursday, 21 September 2017

GenLOCK and What it Could Mean

GenLOCK is coming...
And I couldn't be more excited to have more Mecha-genre action on the way.

These glorious giant robots clearly belong to RoosterTeeth and not me.
Now I'm not known for my writing ability, usually I just throw down a short blurb about whatever kit I'm working on. I have written a few more essay type things for this blog and then neglect to release them, but this has me excited.

If you are reading this you've probably come to it via my Facebook page or something like it, so you're probably a huge mecha nerd like me. Don't worry those are terms of endearment.

For those paying attention over the last decade or so there has been a HUGE uptick in the number of Sci-Fi themed shows and movies and the Mecha sub-genre hasn't been excluded from that. People are getting nerdier, if that's a thing.

Think about it there was a large span of years where Gundam died in the West after the airing of Gundam Wing. But now its back, there were periods in the last few years where there were 3 Gundam series airing all at the same time. Just now Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans has wrapped up, but will soon be airing with English dubs on Toonami and the same can be said of the second season of Gundam Thunderbolt aka Jazz Gundam. Hell, even Barnes and Noble have started carrying Gunpla; Gunpla sold in NA, a decade ago I couldn't have imagined it.

While, the popularity of Gundam increasing again is no small feat, its still pretty niche and isn't so much what a mainstream audience is watching. That's where GenLOCK and Pacific Rim 2 come in things made in North America by English communities, heavily influenced by Japanese mecha anime. Just look at the concept artwork for GenLOCK and trailers for Pacific Rim 2 those aren't the archetypes of an American Robot.

Anyway, that's my rant I couldn't be more excited to build some more giant robots in very small scale.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Completed Kits #24: HG Hyakuri Bastion

So this is my completed entry into StryderPrime's 2017 Summer Contest, I've named it Hyakuri Bastion. Which I think may be a slight misnomer at this point after all my revisions to the original plan.

Anyway per my original goal being to build a ground pounding variant of the Hyakuri that could at the very least stand on its own feet, with a little inspiration from the Graze Ritter. It feels like I got that done pretty well, overall I didn't win or even place but that' honestly perfectly fine, I had a lot of fun building the kit and I think its a pretty unique entry on my shelf.